Saturday 8 December 2012

New WhatsApp for Windows Phone 8 devices to be 6 times faster

If you have recently made the switch to Windows Phone 8, one of the biggest absentees in the Windows Phone 8 store is the popular instant messaging client WhatsApp amongst others. The web messaging app is apparently undergoing some heavy alterations and will be launched for WP8 some time in the very near future.

While there has been no official announcement from the developers of WhatsApp that an update is on its way, one consumer received a reply to a query to the effect that there is a new update on the way and that it will be 6 times faster than the previous version. Apart from this, they stated that there will also be new emoji included in the upcoming version. In the response, they have also mentioned that they would continue to use the background audio API; however, they are looking forward to Microsoft devising a way of keeping the system running in the background and for this to happen, Microsoft would need to lift its restrictions on third party apps.

Earlier on, when we received the HTC 8X, we managed to download WhatsApp from the WP Store. However, we found that the application did not work at all, although we were able to subscribe and activate our accounts. It seemed like this was an issue for other WP8 users as well and the app has since, been taken off the store. We looked for the app on a Windows Phone 7.x device and it is still present and available for download.

Many Windows Phone users have complained about the quality of the app for their devices and claim that it is not up to par as its version is available on other platforms such as iOS and Android. Hopefully, with the update, all issues will be taken care of.

While the Windows Phone 8 platform is picking up, it is in serious need of apps. Although the finesse of applications on the platform seem to be of a higher standard compared to Android, the OS lacks the availability of popular games and even social networking options like Instagram. We were told recently by Windows Phone representatives that the number of apps will be hitting siginficantly higher numbers very soon.

Let us know your thoughts on the lack of apps situation for the WIndows Phone platfom and if there are any other apps that you'd like to see be made available soon.

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