Thursday 6 December 2012

New SwiftKey Flow will enable typing without lifting finger

This new SwiftKey Flow will enable continuous typing and swiping gesture support.

Independent app developer, SwiftKey has introduced a new keyboard for the Android devices. Called as the SwiftKey Flow, the new keyboard claimed to allow users to type out continuously, without having to lift the finger. Currently, its beta version is available but its full version is expected to make way to the Google Play Store soon.

SwiftKey 3 keyboard has earned several accolades from the avid Android users. Besides offering the gesture input, the SwiftKey keyboard also offers faster word prediction. SwiftKey offers different layout, themes, predictive text and also the next word prediction.

Now the developers are taking the SwiftKey Flow feature which is basically gesture based keyboard, to the next level. The SwiftKey Flow feature will let the user type out text continuously without lifting the finger. In a way, the word prediction has been bumped to entire sentence prediction. That would be really interesting and challenging at the same time.

SwiftKey requests access to Gmail and other social networks to understand the typing style of the user and accordingly predict the next word.

There are no details on when the new SwiftKey Flow feature will be made available but we expect to see the official app license holders to get early access.

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