Friday 14 December 2012

Kingston announces 128GB Wi-Drive

Kingston, developer of memory products, has announced a new 128GB capacity addition to its Wi-Drive product line. The 128GB Wi-Drive allows sharing content on Wi-Fi enabled devices and adds to the existing line-up of 32GB and 64GB capacity drives. With integrated Wi-Fi and four hours of battery life, Kingston Wi-Drive offers easy file sharing and pocket-sized portable storage for Wi-Fi enabled devices such as Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Android devices, Kindle Fire and more.

The free Wi-Drive App is available for Apple devices in the App Store, for Android OS devices in the Google Play App Store and for Kindle Fire in the Amazon App Store. The device allows simultaneous data access and file sharing for up to three users on their preferred mobile device. Thanks to a variety of Android-based devices and their versatile user experience, users can access and share their files via web browser or the Wi-Drive App.

Kingston Wi-Drives are backed by a one-year warranty and free technical support. For more information, visit the official website.

The Kingston Wi-Drive was officially launched back in 2011. The pocket-sized portable storage and easy file-sharing on the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad with integrated Wi-Fi was touted as ideal for users who felt confined to the storage on their iDevices.

Speaking about the launch of the Wi-Drive in India, Nidhi Sethi, Sales Director for Kingston India said, “Wi-Drive is an ideal solution for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch users who feel confined by their current storage capacity. With a perfect blend of functionality and durability, I believe the product will be well received by both casual users as well as informed tech enthusiasts.”

Kingston claims that the flash-based memory technology found in the device is more durable than traditional platter-based hard drives, and enables faster file accessibility.

At the same time, Seagate had also launched its competitor to the Kingston Wi-Drive—the GoFlex Satellite. With Wi-Fi access over 802.11 b/ g/n and a rechargeable battery,  the GoFlex family provides the ability to carry an entire library of video, music, pictures and documents with you. Devices are wirelessly connected directly to the GoFlex Satellite drive by use of the free GoFlex Media app available on iTunes, Android Market or a web browser.

The GoFlex Satellite is capable of providing hours of entertainment for up to three connections. With a stand-by battery life of up to 25 hours, the lithium polymer battery delivers up to five hours of continuously streaming video. To help with extending battery life, the free GoFlex Media App provides a progressive download feature, which temporarily loads the video on to the Android device it is being streamed to, allowing the drive to go into stand-by mode.

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