Tuesday 11 December 2012

Intel Android tablet named 'Red Ridge' in works

The much anticipated Android tablet from Intel finally makes an appearance although on paper only.

Chipmaker Intel is now reported to be working on a new tablet on its X86 architecture based Intel Medfield chips which are popularly known as Atom. The tablet code named "Red Ridge", reported Engadget which claimed to have discovered the details of the tablets in records of Federal Communications Commission.

The Intel Atom powered devices have received moderate response form the buyers globally especially owing to the limited availability of applications that are optimised for the X86 based chips. Thus there is a question mark on the Atom powered tablets as well.

As per the information on the FFC records, the Intel Red Ridge tablet will be based on Google's Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system but it is expected to be running Android Jelly Bean when it comes in commercial availability.

The tablet has reached the FCC it means that the tablet is out of the designing phase and probably the prototype of the product or even better the final version of the tablet can be expected to be showcased by Intel during the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show scheduled for January next year.

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