Monday 10 December 2012

Google Now might be heading to desktops via Chrome browser

Google seems to be planning to take Google Now from just Android devices to desktop computers. A recent code revision to Chromium project seems to suggest the same. Although it might not be a substantial proof of the Google Now’s arrival on Chrome, but it does hint that Google is thinking about it.

Spotted by Google+ user Fran├žois Beaufort in Chrome code reviews, the Issue 11412291 is suggesting that Chrome will show Google Now cards using the built-in Chrome notifications.

Here is the full description of the code review:

Creating a skeleton for Google Now for Chrome implementation.
The CL creates the top-level structure for showing Google Now cards in Chrome via Chrome Notifications.
The implementation lives behind -enable-google-now-integration flag.
On being asked about the same by The Next Web, Google said it has nothing to announce it this point and added the following:

We’re always experimenting with new features in Chrome but have nothing to announce at this time.
Google Now might or might not arrive on Chrome, but it does, it will indeed be a great addition to all the Chrome users, whether or not they are Android users.

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