Sunday 2 December 2012

GmapGIS: Draw On Google Maps & Share

GmapGIS is a very straightforward online map application that lets you draw and do other things on Google maps without an account. It lets you draw lines, polygons, rectangels etc., put markers and labels, measures distance between different points on the map or search for a specific address and so on. All the available functions are neatly presented at the top of the page, available with a single click.

Once you are done, you can save your project as a file to your computer or as a link to view it later in the browser or share with others.


  • Draw lines and shapes on a Google map
  • Add markers and labels to places
  • Measure distances between different points on the map
  • Find street address on any point on the map
  • Go to given address coordinates (ex:54,4766145,26.3652052)
  • View your map in different types – Satellite, Street, Hybrid and Relief
  • Share your maps by sending link
  • Save map as KML file to view in Google Earth

Check out GmapGIS @

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