Friday 14 December 2012

Facebook app for Android made faster

Finally, Facebook app for Android arrives with native code that improves the timing to load the News Feeds, and photos.

Facebook has kept the promise of improving the official app for the Android and iOS platform. The social media company has scrapped its HTML5 based app and released a fresh one with loads of native code. The difference will be visible to the avid users of Facebook app on the Android smartphones. The new Facebook app improves the load times and eventually delivers the expected smooth user experience.

"Today, we're releasing a new version of Facebook for Android that's been rebuilt in native code to improve speed and performance. To support the unique complexity of Facebook stories across devices, we're moving from a hybrid native/webview to pure native code, allowing us to optimize the Facebook experience for faster loading, new user interfaces, disk cache, and so on," the Facebook Blog noted.

Plagued by the HTML5 code, the official Facebook app was condemned heavily earlier for being sluggish, and a resource hog. But now the photos open quickly with the single tap and thus the user can quickly hit Like or post a comment about it. On the top of the timeline page is the New Stories bar which shows accumulated number of stories.

Facebook for Android developers will continue adding more native code and improving the user experience with the app. The objective is to make the app faster, smoother and feature-rich.

To download the updated Facebook for Android app for the Google Play Store.

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