Monday 17 December 2012

Dropbox might launch music streaming service soon

Following the acquisition of AudioGalaxy there is only one logical outcome expected from the cloud storage provider.

Current Dropbox users on Google Android must be aware of the benefits that one can get by using a service like Dropbox. For new users, Dropbox offers one touch synchronization of files and folders between computers, tablets and smartphones as well. All you need to do is add a file to the Dropbox folder on any of the connected and linked devices and it will be made available across all linked devices, plus on Dropbox online. Well, Dropbox has now acquired the music streaming service AudioGalaxy, following which registrations for new users have been stopped. The service will be available for registered users till next year, after which Dropbox might remove it completely.

But what interest does a cloud storage provider have in a music streaming service? Perhaps it plans to integrate music with its own services soon? After the acquisition, Dropbox might be in the process of launching a music streaming service of its own, and might have already begun working on it as well.

Dropbox cloud storage services are popular across different smartphone and tablet platforms, including Windows 8 as well, and users would certainly not mind an extra feature or two with the best in class cloud storage.

Dropbox might have to face fierce competition from the likes of Google and Amazon. Nevertheless, users will undoubtedly adopt its music service since many depend on Dropbox for sharing and keeping files as they find it a reliable and efficient service.

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