Saturday 15 December 2012

Airtel introduces 'Call-me-Back' service

Airtel has dished out a ‘Call-me-back’ service for its prepaid consumers, where a user can request their family and friends to call them back if they have a balance of less than Re 1.

This feature is useful for users to stay connected to their family and friends, claims Airtel. Commenting on this feature, Airtel say the company is here to help its users with the Airtel 'Call-me-Back ' service. The Call-me-back SMS service will allow a prepaid user to get a call-back from another Airtel number (prepaid or postpaid) in case of insufficient balance.

To use this feature, a user just needs to send a toll-free SMS with the word CALL <space> <Airtel mobile number you want to speak to .> to 121. After sending the text message, one can expect a call from the Airtel number listed in the SMS. For example, 'Person A' having balance less than Re.1 can send a toll-free SMS to 121 writing CALL < Person B Airtel number >, and the 'Person B' will get an SMS from the number of  'Person A' saying: "Please call me back. Thank You." . Airtel claims that this service will ensure its Airtel customers are never out of touch with their family and friends.

Airtel states that there is no charge to 'Person A' for this service, and the call-back by 'Person B' is as per the person B's plan rate. The customer who is calling back can be a prepaid or a postpaid user. Also, both the customers can be a local, STD number, or be in national roaming.

This service can be availed when the balance in the customer's prepaid account is below Re 1 – for up to 3 times in a day. This service by Airtel can be extremely useful if a person runs out of balance and is in a dangerous situation.

However, it appears that the big catch here is that the recipient needs to have an Airtel number, which may put a user in a spot of bother if the person they are trying to reach out to uses another carrier. No matter what, this move by Airtel is a welcome one and more carriers should adopt this feature to assist its consumers.

In related Airtel news, the nation's eagerly awaiting the implementation of free roaming – an introduction it believes will not give users bill scares when travelling within the country. Popular mobile service provider Bharti Airtel, however, believes that issues like varied spectrum pricing and tariff in various circles need to be looked into before free roaming is implemented. On the sidelines of an Assocham event, Bharti Airtel CEO (India and South Asia) Sanjay Kapoor stated, "The issue has to be viewed holistically. Its not just about one part, it includes STD...We have to look at the 22 circles in the country. Every state has different spectrum pricing. Tariffs are different." Kapoor added that all the (aforementioned) issues need to be looked into in detail before commenting on it.

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