Thursday 1 November 2012

Roadtrippers: Plan Your Trip & Find Attractions Along The Route

If you are planning a road trip for the summer, check out Roadtrippers. It lets you easily plan a trip from one location to another on a Google map. Simply choose your starting point and destination and it automatically calculates how much money you will need for fuel, length of the trip and approximate travel time.

Apart from the usual travel suggestions (hotels, pubs, diners etc) along your chosen route it also shows you lots of tourist and nature attractions (scenic points, parks, beaches etc.) you should visit on your trip. You can restrict the number of suggested attractions by the distance from your trip (up to 50 miles).

Once you are done planning your trip, you can print out the detailed directions or share your trip with others. Saving a trip is not available at the moment, but is planned in the future.


  • Create and plan a trip from one point to another with directions.
  • Calculates distance, fuel cost and travel time of the trip.
  • Find attractions along the route.
  • See suggestions for accomodation, entertainment, food+drink, historical places, sports venue and more.
  • Filter attractions by specific category (Nature->Lakes or History->Architecture etc).
  • Print out trip directions.
  • Share your trip.
  • Free, account requited to print out directions.

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