Thursday, 1 November 2012

Mobello: HTML5 Framework To Create Mobile Apps

If you are a newbie developer who is only just learning the various ways to develop mobile apps, you’ll probably miss a lot if you don’t check this out. Mobello is an open-source Javascript framework that allows you to create mobile apps in the simplest way possible. Developed for touch input, this app is optimized to let you have a native-like experience on the web, while also allowing you to create HTML5 mobile apps that you can submit to the App Store.

Mobello’s framework let you add more than 20 UI components for your app. The makers made sure that anyone can go in and extend its functionality to meet your app’s demands.

Mobello also has a companion desktop app called Mobello Studio, which allows to design an app from the ground up using the visual design editor. Think of it as a WYSIWYG interface for mobile apps. Other features include real-time editing, layout editing, and javascript debugging.


  • JavaScript and HTML 5 framework for mobile app development.
  • Create native apps using HTML5.
  • Use Mobello Studio for WYSIWYG editing.
  • JavaScript debugger also available.
  • Available for free at Github.

Check out Mobello @

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