Saturday 24 November 2012

Amazon Electronics Trade-In: Trade Your Old Electronics Online For Gift Cards & Other Electronics

When it comes to electronics, such as cellphones, newer models are launched every month. This is why almost everybody has a few slightly older electronic items – ones they wish to get replaced by newer ones. Here to help you do that is Amazon’s new program called Electronic Trade-in.

Amazon Electronics Trade-in is Amazon’s new program that lets you trade the electronics items you own for gift cards or other electronics. The site has created a list of electronic devices that it accepts for trade. These items include iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry Bold, Kindle, Nikon digital camera, and numerous other electronic gadgets people use. Each item has specific trade-in conditions that can be seen on its page.

Once you send in your items to Amazon, a gift card is given to you within 2 business days of receipt and verification of your items. You can use the gift cards to buy other stuff from Amazon.


  • A user-friendly service.
  • Lets you trade-in your old electronics.
  • Provides a list of electronics it accepts.
  • Gives you Amazon gift cards that can be used to buy other products from the site.

Check out Amazon Electronics Trade-in @

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