Wednesday 21 November 2012

Multiwall: Edit & Set DIfferent Wallpapers For Each Screen In A Multi-Monitor Setup [Windows]

Multiwall is a desktop app designed for Windows, which can help users set up and adjust their PC screen’s wallpapers to their liking. With the idea of making wallpaper settings easy for PC users, Multiwall allows you to use filters on your wallpapers and edit them by rotating, inverting, zooming or panning them with ease.

You also have the option to select different wallpapers for each screen that you can use in a multi-monitor setup. You can import images from any webpage or social networking feed to make them a part of your wallpaper collection.

Multiwall not only lets you use your already existing high resolution wallpapers but also allows you to share them with the community on its website forum.


  • Lets you set separate wallpapers for each screen in a multi-monitor setting.
  • Runs an automated slideshow and periodically changes wallpapers.
  • Allows you to rotate, crop, pan, invert or zoom the wallpapers and apply color filters on them.

Download Multiwall.

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