Wednesday 28 November 2012

Airtel announces international roaming packs for United States

Airtel customers on roaming in USA can now also call friends & family back home at up to 87% discounted rates.

Bharti Airtel today announced the launch of three new international roaming packs for post-paid mobile customers travelling to United States of America.

By using the new international roaming packs Customers can get upto 5 hours of free incoming calls while travelling in USA, and also make outgoing calls to local USA numbers as well as outgoing calls back to India at Rs 20 per minute.

Available in three different tariff packs of Rs 1,000, Rs 3,500, and Rs 8,500 with a validity of 30 days each, the tariff plan allows customers to easily stay in touch with family and friends back home at affordable rates on their airtel India postpaid number.

Also their family and friends in India can call them at local India rates. Customers can activate the pack by messaging the respective activation keyword to 121 for the selected pack and enjoy the discounted rates. Standard roaming rates would apply for all other outgoing international calls, messaging and data usage.

If An Airtel post-paid user doesn't activate the above mentioned packs he/ she has to pay anything between Rs 71 - Rs61 for receiving a call while on roaming to USA and and to shell out anything between Rs 160- Rs 117 per minute for making a call back to India while on roaming.

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