Saturday 24 November 2012

Chockadoc: A Wonderful Resource For Watching Free Documentaries

Documentary films are highly informational and entertaining, provided you find the topic being covered interesting. If you are a fan of documentaries, then undoubtedly you try to watch as many of them as you can online. Here to offer you a collection of thousands of free interesting documentaries is a service called Chockadoc.

Chockadoc is a free to use web service that provides you with thousands of free documentaries. The site lets you browse documentaries categorically, search for them by name, or browse their image thumbnails on the homepage.

When you find a documentary you like, simply click on it and be taken to its Chockadoc page. There you will find the documentary video along with an accompanying description. You can also leave a comment on the documentary’s page and interact with others who have seen the documentary.


  • A user friendly web service.
  • Offers you thousands of documentaries.
  • Documentaries cover a wide variety of topics.
  • You can leave comments on documentaries.

Check out Chockadoc @

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