Thursday 22 November 2012

Opera Mini 7.1 arrives with new download manager

The improved download manager allows pause and resume function for downloading files from the web.

Opera has released an update for the Opera Mini mobile web browser for the mobile phones based on Java (J2ME) and RIM's BlackBerry devices. This new Opera Mini 7.1 update brings a revamped Download Manager aimed to make file downloading process easier and smooth. This popular mobile browser works on almost every Java based mobiles.

Opera Mini 7.1 aims to take its prominence a step ahead for the basic and feature phones supporting J2ME (Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition). The Opera Mini 7.1 now solves the issue of downloading files on the Internet without worrying about loss of connection. Opera touts the new download manager that basically allows the user to pause and resume any typical file download. However, resuming the file may depend on the web service hosting it - means if it does not support resuming the file download, then this download manager may not work.

The new Opera Mini 7.1 is meant for J2ME based mobile phones and RIM BlackBerry devices. The mobile web browser can now directly access respective app to open the file if it is a multimedia file and save it for later use.

The Opera Mini 7.1 will support over 3000 different mobile phone models and also brings some of the modern browser features such as tabbed browsing and data usage meter. Get the new Opera Mini for your mobile phone by visiting - directly from your device's mobile web browser.

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