Thursday 29 November 2012

Microsoft releases Outlook app for Android

Microsoft has released the app for Google Android platform that allows users to access emails and stay updated with push notifications.

Software giant Microsoft has formally released the official Outlook application for Android devices. The new app works only on select versions of Android.

Apparently, the app is actually the repackaged Hotmail app that has been available from the Google Play Store for a while. Microsoft had revamped the web-based mail service as earlier this year. After four months, the company has now released an Android app to access the service. However, the app seems to be a rushed up job as it lacks some serious features-such as multiple accounts.

Android device users who used the app are not too happy with the old user interface and sync issues. Users are required to login using Microsoft Account details and simply let the device sync.

Instead of working on the app, Microsoft is expected to work on a robust Microsoft Outlook app. Microsoft is indeed working on an Office Productivity suite for the Android platform, and we hope that the Outlook app is also ported for this platform. There is no estimated date of arrival for Microsoft Office for Android, but we expect it sometime next year.

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