Friday 23 November 2012

Samsung to showcase octa-core mobile chipset next year

Forget quad cores and get ready for even more powerful eight core processors.

Consumer electronics major Samsung is said to be working on a new generation mobile processor that will definitely put mobile devices at par with mainstream computing devices as far as computing muscle goes. Reportedly, the new processor will have eight cores including two quad core processing cores. For low end processing, there will be a quad core cluster based on ARM A7 architecture running at 1.2 GHz for higher power or energy efficiency while the other quad core CPU will work at 1.8 GHz, offering hardcore performance.

This new processor is based on ARM's big.LITTLE architecture that aims at offering superior performance while saving energy. The chipset will be capable of switching between the two clusters as and when the requirement arises. For most applications, the 1.2 GHz cluster will be functional but for gaming and computing intensive tasks, the other cores will kick in. This concept is utilised at present by Nvidia's Tegra 3 CPUs that utilise four plus one core architecture to provide performance and savings. But ARM's design would not allow processors to use all the eight cores simultaneously for any task. Samsung is rumoured to use this new chip technology in its upcoming Galaxy SIV smartphone that runs an Exynos 5450 chipset.

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