Saturday 24 November 2012

Meet Phorce - a smart bag that protect & charges gadgets

It is perhaps the first smart bag of the world that protects, cleans, charges and even communicates with your bag!

In a first of its kind, a new bag has been launched which will not only hold your gadgets but also will protect, clean and charge those! The smart bag has been developed by a company called Kickstarter which is also offering the bag to early birds for as low as $119 or Rs 6,000 approximately. While another variant of it which can charge even Mac can be availed for $279 (Rs 15,000 approximately).

Phorce comes with a compact wall charger. Simply plug it into the wall and it will fully charge itself in just four hours. The wall charger works with 110-240V, so you can charge it anywhere in the world.

On top of charging all your other gear, Phorce for Mac can also power a MacBook for up to 7 extra hours, claimed Kickstarter.

It added, "Thanks to its integrated lightweight battery pack, Phorce is powerful enough to charge an iPhone 5 over 8 times, a Galaxy S3 about 6 times, or an iPad Mini 2.5 times."
Phorce can charge up to three usb-devices simultaneously. Charge smartphones, tablets, iPods, GoPro and other cameras, smart watches, portable speakers, noise-canceling headphones, and thousands of other devices.

"We designed Phorce to be the ultimate bag for the mobile age. Phorce can hold lots of stuff in its minimalist design. It can power all your devices, even MacBooks! It can communicate with your smartphone. It can transform from a messenger bag into a backpack, or briefcase," its makers explained in a blog post on their official website.

The developers of Phorce has also launched its app for Android and iOS which are available for free. The Phorce apps (iOS & Android) thus keep the user updated about how much power your bag has left and what you can do with it. Intuitive graphics display the exact number of times Phorce can still charge your devices, like your phone. You can also ask Phorce to send you notifications, for example a reminder to charge Phorce when its battery's running low.

Phorce is also Bluetooth enabled that allows it to be connected to the smartphone and the tablet.

As a security measure, if you lose your bag or misplaces it somewhere, the smart bag quickly sends a notification to the smartphone telling that the bag is out of range.
You can check the Kickstarter website for different types of offerings on the bag. Also, remember that above the price of the bag, they are charging $35 extra for shipping if the buyer is located outside the USA.

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