Thursday 1 November 2012

Steak Grilling Timer & Recipes: Becomes A Steak Grilling Master [iOS]

Do you love steak? Do you love hanging out by the grill and making it yourself? One of the best parts about making a steak is knowing that the finished product came out exactly how you wanted it. If your steak grilling skills could use a little improvement, you should check out the Kansas City Steaks free iOS app called Steak Grilling Timer & Recipes. It will turn you into a steak grilling legend in no time.

The first feature of the app is its timer. You have to input the type of steak, the thickness of the cut and how well done you would like it. It will tell you exactly how long you should grill the steak to have it come out to your exact specifications. It takes all the guess-work out of trying to time your grilling.

The timer is only part of the awesomeness. The app also includes hundreds of steak recipes. Knowing how long to cook a steak is great, but having all kinds of options for preparing it and making it your own is what you need to become a steak making machine.


  • Steak time tells you exactly how long to cook a steak.
  • Have up to eight timers at once.
  • Choose 6 cuts of steak.
  • Hundreds of steak recipes.
  • Top 10 steak grilling tips.

Find Steak Grilling Timer & Recipes on the iTunes App Store

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