Wednesday 21 November 2012

Rbutr: A Simple Way To Follow Online Debates

Rbutr is a great application for people who have an open mind and want to use the Internet for good. Finding arguments and debating on a topic is a great way to exercise one’s own judgement and conclude (if possible) on that issue. With Rbutr, you can easily follow online debates and find counter-arguments about those topics.

Currently, Rbutr is only in beta release with only one version released for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer.

The extension is easy to use and thus will come in handy most often. To start, Rbutr requires a user to sign up for an account before they install the extension (an account gives you the permission to submit links as rebuttals).

Once installed, when you come across a debate on a website that has related rebuttals, you will see a notification pop-up on the Rbutr extension allowing you to browse across different websites to see the different views on that specific topic.


  • Find arguments on the same topic from a variety of websites.
  • Account gives you the option to submit your own rebuttal too – can be your own blog/website.

Check out Rbutr @

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