Friday 30 November 2012

Sejda: Easily Manipulate PDF Files From Your Browser

PDF files are great. They allow you to make beautiful documents that do a lot more than just a simple Word document. However, manipulating a PDF after its initial creation is not as easy it could be. But with Sejda, you can manipulate PDF documents with no software to download and no registration required. It doesn’t get much easier.

With Sejda, you can split PDF files by selected pages, even and odd pages or every single page. You can also split the files by bookmarks, if the file has bookmarks in it. If you need to separate a PDF file, this is the easiest way to do it. In addition, you also merge multiple PDF documents. This allows you to take a bunch of small files and make one large PDF.

Another cool option is creating an alternate mix. This allows you to combine two PDF documents and have it alternate pages from them. It’s a cool option if you need such a thing. The last thing you can do is rotate a PDF document.

The developers are working on a lot more features, and they should be implemented soon. You will be able to crop, extract pages, extract text and lot more.


  • Work with PDF files in your browser.
  • Split PDFs with a slew of parameters.
  • Merge multiple PDF documents.
  • Create an alternate mix.
  • Rotate your documents.

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