Sunday 25 November 2012

StudyChamps: Get Educational Worksheets & Interactive Flash Tools For Children

Teaching children science and math requires the teacher to have a good amount of teaching material that easily understandable. Here to offer such resources to parents and instructors is a web service called StudyChamps.

StudyChamps is a free to use web service that offers you with educational worksheets and Flash tools for children. You can start using the website by clicking on the relevant subject of study and then clicking on the topic you want worksheets for. Sheets can be downloaded as PDF files directly off the site. The site also offers SWF tools that children can use for interactive learning. Other things offered by the site include flipbook tutorials and fun learning activities such as coloring pages and printable games.


  • A user friendly web service.
  • Provide educational tools for children’s learning.
  • Offers printable worksheets.
  • Offers interactive learning Flash tools.
  • Offers flipbooks and fun learning activities.

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  1. Study Champs has now branched into a Membership domain called Study Champs Teachers Worksheets.

    It brings thousands of worksheet resources at the finger tip of teachers and tutors which they store, print and use/ re-use. And we are adding more and more on weekly basis. Family is growing and I am humbled by support and cooperation of many known and unknown netizens.


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