Sunday 25 November 2012

GamesOnline: A Large Collection Of Online Flash Games For You To Play

When you are bored, nothing passes the time like a good online Internet game. Sure, you could stream YouTube videos, but the interaction offered by online games is a lot more fun than simply sitting back and streaming videos. The most popular types of online games are Flash games which are spread across numerous websites online. But if you want to stop jumping from one site to the next to play different Flash games, you should bookmark a single website that offers many Flash games for you to play. This website is GamesOnline.

GamesOnline is a free to use web service that offers you numerous Flash games to play. You can start by visiting the website and then picking out the category of games you are interested in. You will find the games sorted into Action, Adventure, Arcade, Brutal, Cards, Fighting, For Girls, Funny, Logical, Observation, Racing, Rest, Shooting, Sports, and Strategic. You can click on a game category to find an interesting game or simply choose a game from the homepage. Alternatively you can look for a game by searching for it.

The following is a screenshot of the Zomball 2 game in which you shoot a zombie into the sky as far as you can.

The games show stats that you can use to compare your performance in the game with that of your friends adding a touch of fun competition to the experience.

Apart from the many Flash games for single players, the site also offers multiplayer games to you after you register for a free account. You can play with other players on the site.

The website comes in English, German, French, and Spanish and it will help many players enjoy the site in their native tongue.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Lets you play Flash games online.
  • Categorizes games according to genre.
  • Offers single player and multiplayer games.

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