Sunday 25 November 2012

Readlists: Collect Articles From URLs & Create E-Books

For fans of reading apps and e-books, you should check out this new service from Readability. Readlists is a web app that creates eBooks from your chosen articles online. This effectively allows you to curate articles and turn them into your own collection that you can use with your Kindle or favorite e-book reader.

Making your own Readlist is pretty straightforward. You just need to find the URL of articles online and paste them into your dashboard. You can then name your new book and type in a description for it.

Readlists becomes even more fun when you share your list to your Twitter and Facebook friends. You can also publish a public link so that anyone can come in and paste their own articles’ URL and then collaborate and sync readings with your friends.

Your Readlist can be read using the Readability app, or by sending it to your Kindle or your iOS device. You can also download the e-book directly so you can read it on your desktop.

Readlists is a welcome addition to reading apps dominated by Instapaper and Readability. This will make article curation and leisure reading easier.


  • Create your own e-book from various online articles.
  • Paste the URL to add to your Readlist.
  • Export your Readlist to Kindle, iPhone/iPad, or download directly.
  • Share your Readlist so that anyone can add his or her links.

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