Sunday 12 February 2012

Vonage and Dell launch Android VoIP apps.

Competition is increasing day-by-day in VoIP arena with two more companies Vonage and Dell launching their Android apps for VoIP calling. While Dell Voice is limited to Canada only right now, Vonage can be used by any one internationally.

Talk about Dell Voice first, it is like a Google Voice replacement for Canadians. It has built by Fongo and gives users a new Canadian number on registration, or you can port your existing number for $25. Both incoming calls and calls to Dell Voice numbers are free, company is also providing free calls to select cities. Outside these select cities and for international calls, you get charged. You can read more about Dell Voice at their official website.

Coming to Vonage VoIP app, it allows both subscribers and non-subscribers to use its app. Users will get select calls as well as texts for free initially, after that you can add calling credit in the increments of $4.99 or $9.99. Consumers can call freely to other Vonage users. Vonage is undercutting Skype severely in calling rates. Download the app from Android Market or read more about Vonage at its official website.


  1. From this year i have started using VOIP apps, my first one is absolutely cool n fun to use. its smoothness and quality is absolutely superb. try on iOS or Android!