Sunday, 26 February 2012

USB Manager: Selectively Activate & Deactivate USB Devices.

Windows does not provide its users with the facility to selectively disable USB device types. For example, if you want to disable all storage devices connected to your computer from within Windows, you do not have a convenient solution to employ. But here to help and make the process easier is a tool called USB Manager.

USB Manager is a desktop application for Windows computers. The app gives you more control over the USB devices connected to your computer. Sized less than a megabyte, you can download the app’s setup file and install it. Once installed, you can open the app and choose which type of USB device to disable: storage devices, USB printers, USB audio devices, or USB scanners.

By default, all devices are enabled; you can click on the device types to disable one or more device types. The app can be exited through its System Tray icon. You can also set a password and hotkey for the program to ensure nobody else messes with its settings.


1.> A user-friendly desktop tool.
2.> Compatible with Windows computers.
3.> Lets you selectively enable/disable USB device types.
4.> Lets you set a password for the program.

Check out USB Manager from here @

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