Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Apple event scheduled for March 7 in San Francisco.

Early this month, it was reported that Apple was preparing to host an event at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, in San Francisco on the 7th of March. This report came courtesy of iMore and they claimed that reliable sources had informed them regarding the same. This report coincided with a report by AllThingsD, which although, reiterated the fact that Apple would be holding an event in the first week of March, did not come out clear on the specified date. For all Apple fans and any of those interested in knowing when the iPad 3 may be being unveiled, March 7th should now be circled on their calendars, because a report by CNET states that Apple has sent out invites to members of the media about an event scheduled on the exact same day.

As per the report, the invitation only comes as an image with a caption that states, “We have something you really have to see. And touch.” This definitely indicates that Apple will be showing off their new iPad and gathering from the caption, a Retina Display tablet should be figuring in the announcement. The report by CNET goes on to say, “This big feature rumored to be coming to this year's model is a display that packs four times the number of pixels as the first and second-generation models, bearing resemblance to the so-called Retina Displays found on the company's recent model iPhones and iPod Touches. Other expected features include a speedier processor, better cameras, and the possibility of 4G LTE networking.” There have been numerous reports in the past indicating that Apple would have all these features and more in their upcoming tablet.

The last bit of information that came about is that the brand was working on two separate chips, namely the A5X and the A6. There have been rumblings in the past that the upcoming tablet would feature a quad-core processor, but various other reports are rubbishing these claims.

As of now, we have to just wait for a few more days and see what Apple wants the world to see and touch. Let us know your thoughts on what may feature in the next iPad or do you think Apple may have a surprise in store for the world?

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