Tuesday 21 February 2012

Chrome extension helps you save, go back to content you read last.

Apps or tools that keep you updated about the schedule for the day or weeks, altogether have been widely gaining popularity. These online alert/reminder tools ensure that you don’t neglect any task assigned for the day or later and even if you happen to push it for later, a reminder can be set, so that it doesn’t skip from your mind. Several such tools have been made available on mobile and web. One such new handy tool has emerged for Chrome. The new Chrome extension dubbed youRhere saves things you would like to check or share later and moreover is capable of taking you to the exact line from where you left reading.

So, basically, the Chrome extension ensures that you start reading from the spot you left, so one doesn’t have to worry, if they're distracted by another chore or task, while reading. You can simply double click on a line in the article and youRhere will remember what you’ve been reading and take you back to the same, as soon as you resume. On installing the extension, click the youRhere icon in Chrome and double click on the line that you have to save. The line with text will be highlighted in yellow and the extension will show a list of things that you may have saved.

Your friends on social networks, like Facebook and Twitter can jump onto the same line that you’ve saved, provided they are using the Chrome extension, too. You will find the Share button next to every article saved by YouRhere. So, you can directly point out a particular line that you want others to read, instead of them going through the entire article to figure out what you are trying to say.

This Chrome extension comes across as pretty handy. With most of us spending so much time online, those into researches and reading could find it very beneficial. It can be downloaded from the Chrome web store.

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