Wednesday 22 February 2012

Ghost Incognito: Automatic Incognito For Your Selected Websites [Chrome].

Turning on private browsing in Chrome is pretty simple. Just use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+N or click through the wedge icon menu to open an incognito window. This mode enables you to browse websites without saving session data, cookies, history, and cached files. However, having to remind yourself to go into incognito mode can be a hassle. What we need is a plugin that can check the URL you are visiting and automatically go incognito before the website loads.

Ghost Incognito is a nifty plugin that allows you to do just that that. You can eliminate the chance of forgetting to open incognito in a window for a private website.
Once installed, you can just right click to force incognito mode for the page. The domain is automatically saved to your list so that whenever you visit the website, Chrome will instantly go to incognito mode with the loaded website still open.
This plugin integrates the private-browsing experience with your normal habits, removing the need to check whether you are in incognito mode or not.


1.> Automate incognito mode for specific websites.
2.> Add websites to the plugin by right-clicking the page.
3.> Integrates private-browsing without being obtrusive.
4.> Default for .xxx domains.

Check out Ghost Incognito from here @

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