Sunday, 26 February 2012

ESBUnitConv: The Only Unit Conversion Tool You Need [Windows].

After dealing with a project that required I regularly convert data to the metric system, I realized that having a browser open just for a single web-based conversion website wasn’t the most efficient strategy from a perspective of preserving resources. ESBUnitConv, however, definitely is.

ESBUnitConv is a little units conversion tool that can literally convert any sort of measurement that you’d imagine. It’s worked for me in the past and I plan on it working plenty more in the future. Now I’ve got the program sitting on my desktop for easy access and I’ve been able to do away with having a leaky Firefox process open just so I can convert Fahrenheit to Celsius (as an example).

As written directly on the website, ESBUnitConv is just like every other unit converter except:

Scientific notation
Logging of conversions
Ability to hide units
American wire gauge table
Circle calculator
Sphere calculator
Value swapping
SI primary unit displayed in bold
SI primary unit can be selected quickly via button
Better customisation
More measurement types
More conversions
Improved clipboard support
Integrated help
PDF documentation suitable for printing
More frequent updating

It’s a very simple tool with a lot of features, really set apart from the other unit conversion applications that I’ve tried for Windows. This application is two of the most enticing things for me, when it comes to software: free and portable. It’s extremely small in size and is a great addition to any thumb drive software package. It can convert the
following units of measurement:

Fuel consumption
Luminous intensity

To convert a measurement, simply click a tab across the top that you’re interested in converting. Highlight an item in both columns, “To” and “From”, and then input that value that you want converted into the “From” field above the selection list.

You can also optionally open up a scientific calculator that puts the Windows calculator to shame, by clicking the calculator icon by that same field.

Doing so will allow you to streamline calculations beside the application and input your result directly into the conversion field so that you’re ready to go. It’s a nice little touch to an already-good piece of software.

Making conversions doesn’t have to be a painful task, nor does it require that you dedicate a separate bookmark item just to a website that manages to get the job done. Get a flash drive or create a Dropbox folder, than you’ll never again need to go through the stress of finding the right solution. If you enjoy ESBUnitConv and find it helpful, consider upgrading to the Pro version. It has a more extensive set of options and configurations for the user.

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