Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Samsung's 2012 mobile line-up to be revealed on March 15.

Come one, come all! Samsung may have bowed out of MWC, but all those who have been patient so far, will be rewarded. The Korean smartphone giant is busy sending out invites to their big event on March 15 where they’ll showcase their 2012 line-up of smartphones and possibly tablets. The invitation itself does not give away anything; in fact it’s just an abstract drawing, so we know the event will not be focused around just one phone.

As to what phones will be unveiled in Amsterdam? This is anybody’s guess. We sincerely hope that Samsung reveals the Galaxy S III, as the suspense is just too much to handle. We know, given the past experiences, that the new phone would be loosely based on the Galaxy Nexus or it could be something different, altogether. Rumour has it that there could possibly be up to twelve different variants of the S III, some being water proof, while the others having a 3D display. We’ll know for sure how much of this is true only at the event, so there’s nothing to do, but wait. What are your thoughts on this? What phones do you think will be unveiled or better still, what phones would you like to see from Samsung for 2012?

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