Thursday, 23 February 2012

Unbox: Create Infographics For Your Gmail Inbox.

Do you want to create an infographic for your email inbox? Maybe you want to know who you email the most and the day on which you email the most. If you are looking for detailed information of your inbox in a graphical form, you should check out Unbox.

Unbox is a handy online tool which displays information about your email in the form of an infographic. You can check out the list of people you email the most or the day when you email the most and more.

Using the service is easy. All a user has to do is visit the Unbox website and submit their email address for which they want to get inforgraphics on. Do not worry, all the data is kept private and confidential. Once done, just go to your email inbox and check the email from Unbox, which might take some time to arrive.


1.> Free to use.
2.> Know more about your inbox with the clean, well made infographics.
3.> Works with Gmail only.

Check out Unbox from here @

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