Saturday, 18 February 2012

New Twitter rolls out to everybody

In the beginning, there was Twitter. Then there was new Twitter. And then last December, Twitter announced an even newer Twitter. This time, they updated their website and mobile applications to fit the same format. The new format pushed tweets to the right hand side of the screen and user data to the left. It also divided up functions between three major tabs, "Home", "Connect", and "Discover". Home, was as the name sounds, your homescreen. Connect is where you see mentions, retweets, favourited tweets and new follows, and Discover takes you to hashtags and trending topics. Also, Direct Messages have moved to the profile tab. Twitter was rolling out this update slowly on the web and they announced that now, everyone has it.

They've also rolled out new Twitter with a few new tricks. For one, they've introduced shortcuts to perform various functions when using Twitter for web. When you've expanded multiple tweets to look at pictures or videos, to close all of them together, you type "L". To quickly go to the Connect tab, type "GC" (for Go Connect). Similarly, if you want to go to the Discover tab quickly, type "GD" (as in Go Discover". If you want to go directly to Activity, type "GA" (as in Go Activity).

Twitter's also allowing you to embed tweets to your website. To embed a tweet, click Embed this Tweet, located at the bottom of any Tweet permalink page, select HTML, Shortcode, or Link from the pop-up dialog box and finally, copy and paste the code provided in the dialog box into your blog or website. When you embed a tweet (as shown above), viewers can follow the tweet's user with a single click, or reply to, retweet or favourite the tweet all from the site. Click on the author’s @username to see their Twitter profile page, or click the date in the lower left corner of the Tweet to see Replies, Retweets and Favorites on the Details page.

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