Saturday, 18 February 2012

Evernote Clearly: Simplified & Clean Online Reading Experience.

The market for clutter-free reading on the web seems to be growing by leaps and bounds. Instapaper and Readability are already fighting for dominance and suddenly we see Evernote jumping into the fray out of nowhere. It has launched a Chrome extension called Clearly that basically does the same thing – clearing the clutter from a webpage and presenting only the main text and images – albeit with more options. It allows you to select smaller or larger fonts, has three themes (grey background, white background etc) and of course, the clip to Evernote option which could steal the show.

Those who use Evernote a lot should find this useful because it allows them to ditch those other services and aggregate all of their read-later content right inside their Evernote account through the Clip to Evernote option in this extension.


1.> Get a clutter-free web reading experience.
2.> Clip to Evernote integrated into the add-on.
3.> Available for Chrome.

Check out Evernote Clearly from here @

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