Tuesday, 28 February 2012

MonkeyContact: Quickly Find Your Contacts In Gmail & Google Search.

If you are a new age Internet user then it is likely that you’ve got contacts spread across various services like different email accounts, social networks, etc. Monkey Contact is a web service that wants to make it easier for you to find them when required.

You can find people by name, location, company, job function or a combination right inside Gmail or Google search (you’ll see a Monkey Contact icon that you can use). It doesn’t matter on which network that contact is, it’ll find it. It works as a browser extension for Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

The tool scours through your browser data and your data on various sites to unearth those contacts with ease.


1.> Find your contacts from anywhere right in Gmail and Google search.
2.> Add-on for Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Check out MonkeyContact from here @ www.monkeycontact.com

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