Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Better Popup Blocker: Better Way To Control Popups On Chrome Browser.

Even though Google Chrome has a built-in popup blocker, it still misses out on a lot of annoying popups such as alerts and confirmation boxes that may be hidden. Better Popup Blocker is exactly what the name suggests, a tool that blocks popups better than the default tool in Google Chrome.

When a popup is blocked, the icon blinks to let you know. If you want, you can easily allow popups from any site that you consider safe. If you have a few websites that you visit regularly and you want to allow popups from them, just add their URL to the whitelist of the extension. Alternatively, you can also use regular expressions to create a whitelist based on keywords. You can also go into options and select specifically which javascript functions you want the tool to block.


1.> Blocks popups better than the default Chrome tool.
2.> Choose which java-script functions to block.
3.> Create a whitelist to avoid blocking on certain sites.
4.> Works on Google Chrome 5.0+

Install Better Popup Blocker from Chrome Webstore.

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