Thursday 23 February 2012

Timesearch: Quickly Search & Find Info For Historical Events.

TimeSearch is a great tool for history lovers who want to search the Internet for historical events. This allows them to discover the order of events as they occurred and also help people to learn more about history and find interesting articles as they search through timelines.

Using the service is very easy. Just visit the Timesearch History and choose the timeline for which you want to search. The website will not only show you related articles from that timeline but also show you related images, links and even map co-ordinates (if any).
You can search by keyword as well as also embedding or sharing a timeline that you like.


1.> Interesting way to search Internet for history-related material.
2.> Free to use.
3.> News clippings, images, links and maps – all found in one place.
4.> Helpful for students and teachers.

Check out Timesearch from here @

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