Friday, 17 February 2012

Leaked screenshot of Google Drive emerges.

Google’s new storage service may actually come real soon. There have been several free services that have been announced and subsequently, released, but a big one is coming soon. There have been rumours about an online file storage service, called Google Drive being launched and it appears that the launch date may be drawing near. A screenshot has been posted by a reader of GeekWire that appears to be Google Drive. The user interface and theme is very similar to that of many of the other Google services, but it resembles Google Docs the most. This also raises the suspicion that the screenshot could actually be a fake, since it’s pretty easy to replicate.

The fact that the subdomain exists also raises the possibility that the service is indeed active, but only to a few testers and developers. The user who sent in the screenshot claims that the service was enabled for his Google account. The icons that are used in the service seem to be similar to that of those in Google Docs, but there is an official logo for the new service, also. Another neat feature that appears on the page is the Install Google Drive - which could be a plug-in for the browser or even a software that installs onto your OS and shows up on a virtual drive, so you can easily dump files into your Google Drive without having to always use the web browser. The user interface shows features similar to Google Docs, allowing users to create groups and share with other users. There’s also a search bar, which could be just to search files quickly.

Google Drive would be a direct competition to services, such as Dropbox, which offer similar services. With a large userbase as Google, in all likelihood, there may be many, who may hop over to Google Drive. There’s also news that this service may be launched in a few weeks from now, which could mean that that the leaked screenshot isn’t a fake. When GeekWire approached Google about the service, they declined to comment.

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