Sunday 19 February 2012

Svpply: Discover & Track Cool New Products

Svpply is a site that lets you share cool new products that you’ve discovered while browsing online stores with friends, and also find out what they’ve discovered. The products can be from diverse categories like apparel, tech, accessories, art, etc. You can create a personal feed or a wishlist of a particular product you’d like to purchase in the future, and track their prices and other information related to it in the meantime. The site basically creates a community around new and interesting products.

The site provides tools like “Buy later” bookmarklets to add products you come across while browsing the web, to your profile. If you are browsing the site, you may filter the products by categories and prices to find exactly what you need.


1.> Discover and track new products from across the web.
2.> Add all kinds of products to your collection.
2.> Filter by categories and prices.

Check out Svpply from here @

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