Sunday, 26 February 2012

SaveMeeting: Record and Transcribe Meetings Using Your Android [2.2+].

Recording the audio of your meetings is easy; but it is all a different matter when you need to transcript the audio and share it with other meeting attendees. What you could use is an app that records audio, converts it to text, and let you share the audio as well as the transcription. This is precisely what an Android app called SaveMeeting offers.

SaveMeeting is a phone application for Android devices. The app is free, sized at 1.5 MB, and compatible with devices running Android version 2.2 or later. Using the app, you can begin recording audio anytime and upload it online by adding details to it. Details include meeting title, project title, meeting date, number of attendees, etc. Your recorded audio of a meeting is uploaded online to your SaveMeeting account and can be easily shared with other users on the site.

As mentioned, the app also converts the audio to text and makes the transcriptions available to its users.


1.> A user-friendly phone app.
2.> Compatible with Android devices.
3.> Lets you record the audio of meetings.
4.> Uploads audio to your online account.
5.> Lets you organize meetings by adding details to them.
5.> Generates transcriptions for recordings.

Check out SaveMeeting from here @

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