Friday 17 February 2012

Chrome Speak: Let Chrome ‘Speak’ The Websites To You.

Chrome Speak, as the name suggests, is an add-on that enables the Chrome browser to read content selected on a website in a human voice. So basically, you can select a paragraph on a webpage, right click on it, go to the Chrome Speak option (assuming you have it installed) and then click “Read the selected text.” That’s about it, you should hear a robotic voice speak that text to you. The add-on offers the ability to control the rate, pitch and volume of the voice.

Overall, for everyday users this tool might not be of great significance except for its amusement quotient. Hearing your browser speak does give a good feeling. But the tool might come in handy for people with a handicap that forces them to use tools that offer text to speech functions.


1.> Add-on that enables text to voice.
2.> Works on the Chrome browser.

Check out Chrome Speak from here @

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