Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Sony's Xperia P and U get a price tag.

Sony’s Xperia P and U were unveiled amidst a lot of fanfare at the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona. Now, we’ve got the price tags of these handsets, too. According to Xperiablog, the Xperia P will be priced at €449, which means it will be approximately close to Rs.29,631. Obviously, taxations and other factors come into play, so though the pricing may not be accurate, it may hover around the 30K margin. However, we might see the price drop by a bit, if the Indian version of the phone comes without NFC. At the moment, though, the Xperia P definitely seems like one expensive handset.

The second smartphone, the Xperia U seems to be slightly cheaper than the P. It’s got a pricing of €259, which means it will retail close to the Rs.17,096 mark. That’s definitely a good price tag, considering it’s a dual-core processor that we’re talking about. But, it’s less storage and a smaller screen than the Xperia P, although, we’re not sure we’ll really complain about that. It also means that the current pricing of the Neo V and a lot of other handsets will drop, if a dual-core phone comes in at about a similar price bracket.

The major features of the Sony Xperia U are:

Android 2.3 Gingerbread
3.5-inch Reality Display powered by Mobile BRAVIA Engine
1GHz dual-core processor
5MP camera with fast capture, HD recording, 2D and 3D panoramic images capture capability
xLoud and 3D surround sound audio technology
Will be available in white or black, with pink and yellow exchangeable caps for the base of the smartphone in the box

That’s the pricing, as of now, but we have to also acknowledge the fact that a lot of quad-core phones have been announced as well, so a dual-core phone at a 30K price tag is definitely not something to look forward to. What do you guys think - would you buy these phones at this price?

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