Wednesday, 29 February 2012

uTorrent for Android coming soon.

uTorrent, the most popular BitTorrent client may make an entry to the mobile platform. Torrentfreak's been stating that a mobile version of the client will hit the Android platform, sometime soon. There’s no official date of when this is going to happen, as per the conversation between Torrentfreak and BitTorrent. uTorrent was bought over by BitTorrent some 6 years ago. BitTorrent told Torrentfreak that they had strong interest in the mobile front and that they were working on an app for the Android platform. Now, there are plenty of Android remotes that allow users to control their desktop uTorrent software, but BitTorrent isn’t working on one more of those remote controls. A proper BitTorrent client is most likely what’s in store.

Additionally, Torrentfreak reports that BitTorrent has been working on a Linux client, which was suspended for a while, back in 2010, as the main uTorrent branch for Windows took on some major changes. There is almost definitely going to be a uTorrent client for Android devices because it's possible. Clients for iOS devices, such as the iPod Touch, iPhone and the iPad seem very unlikely, due to Apple’s unwillingness to allow file sharing related apps on their app store. Few companies want to be connected to BitTorrent in any way, owing to software piracy, arising by distributing content using the protocol. Recently, severe action was taken by law enforcement agencies against P2P services and file hosting services.

uTorrent isn’t going to be the first native BitTorrrent app for Android, though. It might offer some neat features, but there have been native apps that allow Bittorrent downloading. aDownloader and aTorrent are two such examples that are freely available on the Android Market. They allow users to download files over Wi-Fi and other 2G/3G data connections. uTorrent is extremely popular with some 140 million users, using it each month and that number is only increasing. The number of mobile phone users, and also Android phone users is massive and many of them use smartphones and data connections. If a uTorrent Android app arrives, it could really boost their user base by a lot.

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