Saturday, 25 February 2012

YouTube MP3 TV: Quickly Convert YouTube Videos Into Downloadable MP3 Audio Files.

Suppose you are writing a new blog post and you want to embed a YouTube song within the post. But you do not want the video embedded – you only want the audio. What you require in such a situation is a YouTube video to embeddable audio converter; this is precisely what a website called YouTube MP3 TV offers.

YouTube MP3 TV is a free to use web service that converts any YouTube video into a downloadable MP3 file. In addition to being downloadable, the converted MP3 file is embeddable and can be used on your website or online forums. To start using the service, you don’t need to create any new accounts; simply paste in the URL of the YouTube video and select the audio quality – normal or high. Your video is uploaded to the application with its progress being displayed.

When your video is converted into audio, you are presented with the option to directly download the MP3 file, obtain its direct download URL, obtain its link for online forums, get the embeddable HTML code, or delete the converted file.


1.> A user-friendly web service.
2.> Lets you convert YouTube video files to audio.
3.> Audio is in MP3 file format.
4.> Provides embeddable HTML code for converted audio.
5.> Provides online forum code for converted audio.
6.> Lets you deleted converted audio.

Check out YouTube MP3 TV from here @

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