Wednesday 8 February 2012

Tagg: Automatically Detect Faces In Photos & Share Them On Facebook & Twitter [iPhone].

Are you tired of uploading images and then tagging them one by one? Would it not be easier if you could just tag photos at the same time you take those images? Well, Tagg allows just that.

Tagg is a handy iPhone tagging app that allows users to tag their friends and family members visible in the photograph, right when the photo is taken and share them online.
The Tagg app currently works with Facebook and Twitter and detects the faces of your friends automatically. The pictures can then be either shared online or offline. Another interesting feature is the Siri feature. If you have the new iPhone 4S, then just tell Tagg who is in the photo and the software will automatically work together to take care of the tagging, and anything else.

Using the app is very easy. Just take a picture and the app will automatically detect people in the photo using facial recognition. Just tap the face to choose the friend and tag him/her. After tagging, you can share them on Facebook and Twitter.
The app is available in iTunes App Store for $0.99.


1.> Saves time as tagging is done quickly, before uploading.
2.> Siri feature allows tags to be put in without any typing.
3.> Automatic face detection feature.
4.> For iOS 5.0 and later only.
5.> Available on iPhone.

Check out Tagg from here @

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