Wednesday 15 February 2012

ShapeCatcher: Find Unicode Characters & Shapes By Drawing Them.

Has it ever happened that you vaguely remember a character, a font or a shape but you don’t exactly know what it was called? How do you find out? You can’t exactly Google it, can you? The answer here would be a tool like ShapeCatcher. Just draw the shape (it doesn’t matter how bad you are at drawing it), and it will try to recognize the character and produce a list of possible matches.

It does quite a good job. I drew a number of shapes and characters and it always had the right match in its list of possible matches.

The tool was created to recognize unicode characters that we only roughly know the shape of. As you see in the screenshot above, it shows the possible shape along with information related to that character. It doesn’t require any sign up, so you could just start drawing in the box and hit “recognize” to get the results.


1.> Draw shapes and characters and find their names.
2.> No registration needed.

Check out ShapeCatcher from here @

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