Monday 13 February 2012

Microsoft Translator Bookmarklet: Quickly Translate Webpages In Any Browser.

If you have been yearning for a Chrome-like translation feature where it can quickly detect the language and translate to a language of your choice then you could use this nifty translation bookmarklet produced by Microsoft Labs. It’s a simple and useful tool where you first set the language to which you want a page to be translated to, from the dropdown menu they provide, and then drag the corresponding bookmarklet to your browser toolbar. On any page, just click on that bookmarklet to get the translated page.

As you see in the screenshots above, I tried the bookmarklet on my site to translate it from English to French, and it did the job pretty well. It also gives you more options to change the language directly on the page.


1.> Easy translator bookmarklet by Microsoft Labs.
2.> Works on any browser.
3.> Select the language and install the bookmarklet; you may switch to a different language later.

Check out Microsoft Translator Bookmarklet from here @

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