Thursday 2 February 2012

IIT-Rajasthan to lose Aakash 2 deal.

Almost in a continuation to yesterday's reports about the government giving away the task of carrying out the tender proceedings for the upgraded Aakash 2 tablet to DIT, reports now have it that IIT-Rajasthan have lost out on the Aakash 2 deal. The government, visibly disturbed with the turn of events, especially after Datawind and IIT-Rajasthan bickered over a host of specifications, has now decided to assign the task of carrying out the procurement of the Aakash 2 tablet and future tendering to PSUs, instead, reports The Economic Times. Reportedly, the indifferences between the two entities - the makers and the procurement agency rose to such levels that the supplies had to be cut.

Certainly a big blow to the institution, which is otherwise treated in high regard. Not only have IIT-Rajasthan lost out on the procurement deal of the Aakash 2 tablet to PSU, but have also lost out on the task of drafting of specifications and features to the Department of Information and Technology (DIT). Makers, Datawind, although may have got an extended LC till March, their course post-March seems undecided, for now. Reportedly, the government has more or less made up its mind on PSUs like ITI Ltd or Telecommunications Consultants India Ltd (TCIL) for the orders. A government official, in his statement to ET quoted that, "We have realised that educational institutes are not capable of handling tenders as it involves large sums of money and handling vendors. Public sector undertakings are much better equipped to handle it."

According to the reports, Aakash 2's fresh tenders will accomodate roughly a million units, and the task of procurement will then have to be managed between 2-3 vendors, owing to the sheer size. A lot seems to be happening on the Aakash tablet front, ever since rumours about the tablet first began surfacing. Datawind and IIT-Rajasthan have definitely gone down in history for being a part of an iconic event, however, that union has now been severed.

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