Wednesday 15 February 2012

Early CyanogenMOD 9 builds available for LG Optimus 2X, G2X.

Early CM9 builds for LG Optimus 2X and its T-Mobile version G2X are out. These can now be downloaded from the links posted by Ricardo Cerqueira on Google Plus( As these are pre-release builds, you can expect bugs and other issues, some of them being – No media acceleration, No video decoding, no video encoding and problems with apps made for ICS with specific graphics implementations like Chrome for Android.

Installation process for these builds is pretty straight-forward, but still if you don’t know how to get back to Gingerbread, don’t flash these. All you need to flash these CM9 builds is CWM recovery, wipe everything and flash this via Apply ZIP from SD card and you are good to go.

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